Видео: Rega Dac with 2 dynamiks in the chain

Rega and Proac Tablette 50 signature

Setup: Rega Brio R, Rega DAC, Rega Apollo R, Proac Tablette 50 signature.

Rega DAC

My setup Monitor Audio RX2 (gloss black) Wharfedale 10.6 Yamaha A-S500 Amp Rega DAC Atacama HMS2 Speaker Stands ...

Grado PS 1000 with Sudgen HA 4 by Philips CD 880 through a Rega Dac

My headphone listening setup. Grado PS1000 headphone; Sudgen HA 4 headphone amplifier Masterclass; Philips CD 880; ...

TC Electronic BMC-2 review

The BMC-2 is a monitor controller and DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) with a headphone output rolled up into one neat ...


The V DAC can add some extra sparkle and refinement by bypassing the sound card in your computer,this DAC is capable of ...

MAGNEPAN 0.7 compared INFINITY KAPPA 8.1 rebuild

0-2,30 Infinity 2,30-6,30 Magnepan 6,30-7,40 Infinity 7,40-8,50 Magnepan 8,50-10,30 Infinity 10,30-11,30 Magnepan 11,30-12,40 ...

DAC Marantz

Recorder - Zoom HQ2HD.

Rega Apollo R & DAC R For Sale on eBay!

I've got a Saturn-R so the Apollo-R & DAC-R are now on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/291687120885? Happy bidding ...

PMC23, Rega Dac-r : layla

AMP : Audio space tube amp A3si DAC : Rega Dac-r Speaker : PMC Twenty 23.

Schiit Mani review - mega-shootout

Dearest FRIENDS!!! The FINAL instalment of this shoot-out series!!!! :-D The Schiit Mani. Brilliant. My teacher once taught me: "In ...

PMC23, Rega Dac-r : baby it's coldoutside

AMP : Audio space tube amp A3si DAC : Rega Dac-r Speaker : PMC Twenty 23.

Schiit Modi 3 + IFi i-Power supply + AQ Golden Gate RCA + AQ Toslink optical Pearl =Mod-E-Aud-E-FI !

Pre amp on direct mode music review at 4:40min )The Schiit Modi 3 With the IFi -i Power suppy reviews are correct the i-power ...

Dynaudio X18 vs Dali Opticon 2

Onkyo 9150 Schiit Modi Multibit DAC Dynaudio 0:00 Opticon 1:03.

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